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Star Wars Celebration, which took place on 15-17 July at the ExCel London, was the ultimate three-day Star Wars fan experience filled with entertainment, celebrity appearances, stage shows, panels, interactive events, special shopping, screenings and exclusive Star Wars first looks and sneak peeks that could only be presented at these official shows. From seasoned saga veterans to young Padawan learners, there was something for everyone at Star Wars Celebration.

We were lucky enough to be there and experience the excitement first hand and show off some of our Star Wars wholesale gifts!

Check out our highlights video here:

If you'd like to hear more about the event head to or find ou what everyone has been saying about it on twitter - #StarWarsCelebration.

It's time to head back to the wizarding world of Harry Potter this month with the release of the much-anticipated cinematic spectacle Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. And as we're also celebrating our new Harry Potter gift raft range, we thought we'd take a quick peak into this latest offering of witchcraft and wizardry!

Though not a direct sequel or prequel to the Harry Potter series, the film is based on a textbook that trainee wizards Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley were introduced to at Hogwarts, and so is very much part of the same spellbinding universe that took the world by storm all those years ago.

Interestingly, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them marks the first-time author J.K. Rowling has taken on the screenwriting duties for her own film adaptation, and so offers the best glimpse yet of the writer's own cinematic vision for the magical realm she created.

The film is directed by David Yates, director of the final four Harry Potter films (Order of the Phoenix, The Half-Blood Prince, and The Deathly Hallows parts 1 and 2), and includes a hot-property cast with recent Oscar stalwart Eddie Redmayne in the lead role of writer Newt Scamander. The supporting cast is equally star-studded, with Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton, Carmen Ejogo and bona fide Hollywood legend Jon Voight among those picking up their wands for the first time.

The book itself was first released in 2001 to raise money for Comic Relief, but proved so popular amongst fans that a movie adaptation soon became inevitable – though we've had to wait a while to see all those Fantastic Beasts finally set free on the big screen!

The title isn't an exaggeration either – there are indeed a plethora of rather fantastic beasts to find in this film, including the size-changing Occamy, the terrifying Nundu, the fearsome Graphorn and the phoenix-like Thunderbird, all of which are sure to enter the canon of great mythical creatures we'd love to see – but not actually want to meet!

To get ready for the film, we've embraced the wizarding world ourselves with our brand-new Harry Potter gift range, including a stunning Hogwarts Crest Light, some magical Colour Change Glasses, and, for budding Newt Scamanders out there, a Hogwarts themed Notebook – because when it comes to Harry Potter gift supply, we've always been top of the class!

So, for Fantastic Gifts and Where to Find Them, be sure to check out the full range – and until then of course, enjoy the film!

No one leads the way in platform jumping more than Super Mario, so it's no surprise that the little moustachioed hero is embarking once again on a brand-new adventure – this time to our smartphones!

December 2016 sees the much-anticipated iOS debut of Super Mario, and as an established Super Mario gift supplier, here at Paladone we couldn't be more excited.

Super Mario Run takes inspiration from other established mobile favourites such as Temple Run, but adds that inimitable Mario magic that nothing else can quite provide.

Check out the gameplay trailer here

Nintendo's legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto, the man behind Mario, announced in September that the newest addition to the biggest gaming franchise in history will feature three different gaming modes, which is sure to get everyone playing feverishly all throughout the Christmas holidays.

The modes are said to include a classic side scrolling 'auto-runner' version, in which players control Mario by tapping the screen, plus a new battle mode called 'Toad Rally', where players compete with other users in a bid to collect the most coins. This version will see players running against 'ghost' versions of other users (a technique you'll remember from the classic Mario Kart time attack modes).

The third mode allows players to create their own customised versions of the Mushroom Kingdom, using coins collected in the previous two modes. (Check out our Super Mario Magnets to see how we're suckers for a bit of Mario customisation!).

Apple are clearly very excited about the collaboration with Nintendo, and Apple CEO Tim Cook was visibly impressed when he visited Nintendo's HQ in October to test drive the game himself, even tweeting a picture of his meeting with Miyamoto to his 3.62 million followers.

At the September announcement, Miyamoto made specific reference to the fact that Super Mario Run will be the first Mario game that can be played one handed, supposedly leaving him free to eat a burger with the other (though we suspect it's more likely because he's holding a lovely cup of tea in one of our Super Mario Bros. Heat Change Mugs!).

Either way, this is a very exciting time for fans of Mario, and gaming in general. And if you want to get ready for the December launch, don't forget to check out our full range of Super Mario gifts, including mugs, lights, and other great collectables!

Well, it is that time of the year – Christmas time. A time when families come together to share love, historical moments, family memories and most importantly presents.

Getting presents for your family and friends can be a hassle especially if your list includes buying gifts for people who are known to be difficult to shop for – leaving you scrambling to find the perfect gift for them. Now the big question is how and where you are going to get those presents if you don’t even know what they want?

Well look no further as the following is a list of a few gift ideas that are suitable for every member of your family and they will serve a useful and memorable purpose.

  • Photo Booth – this is a foldable photo frame with 24 props. This photo booth comes in every colour, shape and props imaginable and you can just use it whenever you want to, making them perfect for storing images from occasions and events.

  • 3D Face Coasters – a set of 3D face coasters are an awesome way to get people to relax and engage with each other during an awkward setting. These coasters come in 10 mats that have a standard face mat print on one side, a 3D effect moving image on the other side. They have different faces and poses that can be used to create whatever disguise you need for your event.

  • Rubik's Cube Shaped Mug – give the gift of relaxation with this creative and awesome 300m cube shaped mug. This mug is so ool you will want to keep it for yourself.

  • Scrabble Light – this is a string of 20 lights with 60 re-usable, interchangeable letter stickers that will brighten up your balcony or walk-way with the scrabble letters adding a bit of class and modernity to the lighting.

  • Drinking Derby – this is a horse based drinking game that is fun filled and perfect for a barbeque, a girl’s night or a day out with the guys. It doesn’t have too many restrictions and it can be played at any given time but remember the participants must be 18 years and older.

Let us help you to become the best present giver this year, visit Paladone Shop for more amazing presents that you can get for your loved ones.

We are at a time in society where technology advances have reached unprecedented levels. It seems that almost every month, there’s an exciting new device or concept being revealed. For the first half of 2016, there has been some hugely exciting tech announcements and demonstrations, and for many of them, you won’t have to wait long until they’re publicly available.

The year is pretty much over, as far as the tech world is concerned. Just about every major product that's been announced is available to buy.

But 2017 is here, and we're expecting a bunch of cool new products. Below you'll find the most important gadgets likely to launch next year.


Virtual Reality

The more we’ve used VR, the more we have come to realize that our brains are incredibly easy to fool. Even when the virtual world is rendered with cartoon-like graphics, the brain mistakes this world for reality and responds accordingly. This is why people keep trying to lean on the counter in a game like Job Simulator. Still, our brains are smart enough to know that eating a virtual cheeseburger isn’t the same as eating a real one.

This is where even newer technology comes in. Researchers have found that by applying electrical currents or adjusting the temperature on someone’s tongue, different tastes and food textures can be simulated. According to New Scientist, the strength of the electric impulse is what controls the texture or hardness of this digital food. And by changing the impulse’s duration, the sensation of chewing can be formed. For taste, a sweet sensation can be given by rapidly heating or cooling probes on the tip of the tongue. In a similar fashion, participants reported spicy flavours when the probes were hot and minty flavours when they were cold. All these sensations combined trick the brain into thinking it is actually biting into real food.


Artificial Intelligence will improve consumer experience

Since its discovery, AI has been used for multiple purposes. Brands have only begun to scratch the surface for applying AI and machine learning to the customer experience. Personalised customer interaction, increased social presence and immediate answers to consumer queries – these are just a tiny portion of the multitude of ways businesses are using AI to enhance consumer experiences. While the use of AI seems to radically simplify our lives, it is still a big challenge to avoid the ‘uncanny valley’ that actually repulses consumers.


A smartwatch made by Google

Google delayed its big software update for Android Wear watches until 2017, and the company is expected to launch its own watch as well, according to Android Police.

The circular smartwatches will be Google's opportunity to inject new interest into its wearable computers, a category that's been dominated by the Apple Watch so far.


Conversational Computers

This is something that is pretty much here anyway with the likes of Cortana and Siri, but it’s about to get a whole lot better in 2017. Digital devices will soon encompass sights and sounds as well as text and voice and it won’t be too long before you are chatting away with your computer like it’s your best friend.


At Paladone Shop we have a great range of gadget and tech gifts which we are always updating so you can keep on trend.

Valentines gifts need an upgrade. Enough with the chocolates and roses let’s do it properly this year. here is a guide to getting the person you love something they’ll love this valentine’s day.



Thought is everything. Anyone can get flowers or chocolates and even if you get them their favourite chocolates or flowers we know you could still do a lot better. So, think about who they are and buy for them, your valentine is a one of a kind person so don’t try and give them a one-size-fits-all gift. If your valentine is an old-school gamer that loves Super Mario embrace that, buy them a Super Mario gift, even something as simple as a mug could be great if you pick something they really like. If you can show thought has gone into choosing your valentine’s gift you are onto a winner.

Wonder Woman Porcelain Mug

If the lady in your life is a real life wonder woman, then this wonder woman mug may just be the idea gift.



Personalised gifts are great but sometimes getting the name or message you want is near impossible. But here is an easy solution – buy a something you can personalise yourself. A customisable “I heart…” mug should do the trick.

Chalk Board Mug

This chalk board mug is the ideal valentines gift as you can add a loving personalised message that your valentine can read every time you make them a nice cup of tea – it doesn’t get any better than that.



Whilst flowers and chocolates might be nice, they don’t last. Valentines is about giving to someone you love so give them a gift that gives for as long as you love them. Gifts that last are the gifts that keep giving. What is a better reminder of a great valentines than a gift that lasts and brings them back to that day time and time again? Anything from a thoughtful (and awesome) key chain to a mood light (or even something quirky like a balloon lamp) can be an amazing gift, because it lasts.

Dolphin Mood Light Bath Plug

This mood light dolphin bath plug is a perfect example of a long-lasting gift. Relax in the tub with this stunning light and make bath time more fun than ever as the mood light phases through an array of colours as it gently floats on top of the water. A gift that will remind them of valentines with every bath it is a great choice of valentine’s gift.



Staying within your budget is always a good idea, few presents can outweigh debt. If you have to buy your valentine’s day gifts on a small budget then don’t worry if you stick to the above guidelines of something thoughtful, personalised and long lasting the money spent won’t matter. There are many great, inexpensive gifts you can buy. For less than £10 each you can get brilliant valentines gifts, such as a Love Hearts heat change mug, a Pac-Man stress ball, and a stunning dolphin mood light bath plug.

Love Hearts Tea Lights

These tea lights make an amazing inexpensive valentines gifts. There are 6 tea lights each with classic Love Hearts messages on them that come in a Love Hearts style tube. They are a great way to show your valentine your love even on a small budget.


So now you know how to choose great valentines gifts (without needing to spend a fortune) go do it. Treat your valentine to something special that they’ll cherish and remember not some withering roses or cheap chocolates. Give them something that will last and put thought behind it. Think about your valentine and get something specific to them, don’t get a generic gift and of course personalise it if you can, make it as unique as they are. And remember you can do that without breaking the bank.

Happy valentine’s xxx